Reflections from Conductor Richard Severing on the 2014 “Elijah” concerts….

“I believe Mendelssohn would have been pleased with our performances.  I heard from many audience members that the performance moved them to tears numerous times.  On Sunday afternoon’s performance, I was able to relax enough that I too had moments of becoming emotional and needed to make sure I stayed focus on leading instead of letting the music overwhelm me.  What a tremendous experience!

 Stay tuned for details about the 2015 Choral Union chorus registration in September.  And stay tuned for our 2015 concert piece and dates.

Saying the words “Thank You” in no way expresses the magnitude of the gratitude all of us at Choral Union feel about all of you who came to witness the emotional story of “Elijah.” We will also not forget the generous spirit of countless area business and individuals who helped create the magic of Choral Union’s 2014 concert season.

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